Brexit Update - Information For Orders From Europe!

In light of the UK's recent departure from the European Union we thought we would put up some information to help our European Customers.

As of 01/01/21 all sales from Native Skate Store outside of the UK will be Ex VAT (that means that they will not have the UK's 20% VAT Rate applied to them so therefor will appear 20% Cheaper).
You will now have to pay the VAT portion in your own country.
This will be collected by the courier (DPD).
You may also have to pay a little bit of duty depending on what the products are and amount etc and also a small admin fee to DPD (they now have to do this extra work and handle the funds etc, see below for a guideline on clearance charges).
So as mentioned above we still ship to Europe with our long standing Courier partner DPD.
They will collect your parcel from us and bring it to you the customer.
Along the way there are some changes.
1, The Label
The first change is the Label, it is now a digital invoice and will tell DPD and the Customs in your country exactly what is inside the Box. We cannot alter it as it is generated from the order and fully transparent. They will use this information to calculate the VAT and Duty owed.
2, VAT Invoice To Pay
DPD will email you a VAT and Duty Bill that is generated from the new Label. This must be paid before they will deliver your goods to you. VAT is quite similar in most European countries so the actual price paid should not be too much greater than before.
You are still able to track your parcel online through the DPD App or on their website. And provided the VAT/Duty Bill is paid quickly should still experience a swift delivery.
Please see the Clearance Charge rates provided to us by DPD.
Thank you from ourselves and all of the brands we deal with for your support.
Hopefully one day the UK strikes a better deal with the EU.